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The walls toppled. The Golden Citadel melted and sunk. The streets overturned as if they were but soil being tilled. Thus, Tannah Machadae obliterated the northern city of Ofcol, and from its ruins she raised her own: Cathracharraig. The last of the survivors fleeing the doomed city claim to have seen fortifications emerge fully formed from the devastation, still smoldering with the heat of the earth. Whether or not they are to be believed, it can be certain that Mistress Mach now lays claim to her own kingdom: one in which her most loyal subjects are the elements beneath her feet.

Level Range: 40-51

Builder: Scevine

Added: March 2011


Walking route from Aelmon: 20n

Portaling point(s) suggested: Troll Gate Guard (entrance to the city), Mserie (near the Daingean Machadae).



The area is divided into five sections:

  • Northwest - Crafts District
  • Northeast - Parade Grounds
  • Southwest - Mining Quarter
  • Southeast - City Garrison
  • Center - The Public House & City Entrance

Parts that "shouldn't" be poked by outsiders are cursed, the rest is uncursed.


Mobs vary from good 40s level mobs (various mercenaries and visitors to the city) to very high hero-mobs (enormous golems and certain city guards, like the Troll captain). Most are evil.

Wanton slaughter is not really recommended as the city is a lawful town, and becoming an Outlaw here will mean Midgaard and other lawful cities will also consider you as such.

Becoming outlaw will result in a stay in the city's dungeon. Unlike in the Midgaard dungeon, there's no escape lever just for rogues.

Lawful mobs include:
All the shopkeepers (they stay put in their shops), all the cityguards (townguards who wander the city), the gate guards at the south entrance, Riscgnarl the troll captain of the guard, the Mining Captain (mining quarters, above the mining shaft that leads down), the ogre guard right below the mining captain (he is aggie; be hidden or invis!), the Golem Commander (a stout gray dwarf who assists if you fight his pet), a Deep Gnome Surveyor (wanders the cave beneath the mining captain), Tannah's executioner (A dark glass golem), and jailer.

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