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The town of Solace is built on the shores of the Great Lake, Crystalmir. Rumors say that there is a belt made of pure ice crystals from the heart of the lake, frozen in winter. It is said to be guarded by living golems of pure crystal somewhere near the lake shore.

Level Range: 5-15

Builder: Strahd


Walking route from Nom: n, 8w, 11s.

Walking route from Sol: 3e, 11s.

Portaling point(s) suggested: Goldmoon.


This area is south of the Town of Solace.

This is a fairly large and diverse area, which also connects quite a few areas south of Solace. You can reach the White Stone Road, Solace, Grunka's, Fewmaster's Folly, Paradise Point, Rivers, and World Tree by travelling through this area.


The west and south sections of this area feature the wandering hobgoblins, and Fewmaster Toede. Goldmoon sits at the connecting rooms for Crystalmir Lake and White Stone Road. The lake is at the center of this area, and adventurers can go underwater to get exp or fight the Turtle Dragon. North of the lake are farmlands, where one can find many farmers if their gear is desired. Just north of the lake is a strip of land under the waterfalls, where one can find the mobs one needs to battle for the Belt Of Crystalmir. See the Adventuring section and the map for more details.


The general difficulty of the most common mobs, in increasing order, is:

  • Hobgoblin Flunky
  • Rats
  • Farmers
  • Fish
  • Barraccudas

This of course doesn't include "special" mobs like Goldmoon, Riverwind, or the Farmer.

As a rule, the mobs will assist here, so be careful fighting in large rooms. There are also hidden wandering mobs akin to the field rats in Solace, so even though a room may appear safe, be wary of other hidden mobs assisting.

You may come across Fewmaster Toede in your travels through the area. He is a smallish aggy who has sanc and a wield. He's not terribly difficult, but he could catch a lower hp character off guard.

Directly south and east of the Solace entrance you will find Goldmoon. She will act as a healer and cast spells on you if you are below level 10, but her room is _not_ nofight, so you are not safe from Toede here. Up and north will take you to the White Stone Road (Highways/Great Wall) and the trail around Solace.

The area south of Solace has various wandering hobgoblins, farmers, and rats eating grain, none of which are terribly difficult. 2swn from the Solace entrance will land you in Grunka's.

The lake itself is located 3w from the Solace entrance. Going d will take you underwater into a looping maze filled with alternating rooms of fish and barraccuda. Both will assist, and the barraccuda will aggy, so be _very_ careful if you choose to go down here unspelled.

wnw from the Solace entrance will take you to the Rivers area that holds the mini-quest for the belt of Crystalmir. Continuing to walk west will bring you back to the other side of the shore.

All west, all north, and west will bring you to the smoldering campsite. From here you can go west to Fewmaster's Folly, south to Paradise Point, or you can pull the bracer out of the fire for a +mv +hp +str anti-good wrist item. Don't wander too far south into Paradise Point if you're tiny though :)

West, all north, and all west will take you on a path to where Descent to Hell used to be. The farm dogs will aggy, and have the needed key to get inside the house, but are not terribly difficult. The pooh bear inside is of moderate difficulty. There used to exist a book in the child's room that would bring you into Descent To Hell but that area is now grandfathered.

Finally, if you wander in the southwestern corner of the map, keep an eye out for the Farmer and the room full of robed figures - the former has a wield and is a bit tougher, the latter are bigger mobs that (you guessed it) will assist if you start attacking.

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A frozen copy of Crystalmir Lake is available for exploration courtesy of the Aethar Project: Rock Outcropping


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