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Created as a small military base for invasion, this is the first foothold upon the lands of this world by the Githzerai.

Level Range: 42-51

Builder: Crom


Walking route from Aelmon: 16e, [e], 2e, n, 2e, 3s, 3e, 3n, 2w, 3n, w, n, e, n, e, 5n, w.

Walking route from Ulrich: [n], w, 6n, e, 2n, w.

Portaling point(s) suggested: none.


This area is in Wildwood, not far from the Hamlet of Kreigstadt.



A gear area. Contains loose fitting black silk pants (hit), a black bracer (mana), a belt of sorcery (mana), a dull silver bow, and a whetstone (but only if a warrior kills the weaponsmith).

Be invis, as all creatures are aggressive but most don't see invis (exception being Zur'lithi).


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