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Off the northern border of the Wildwood is a mysterious, unnaturally occuring desert. Tales from those who've not gotten lost in the harsh winds of that wasteland, tell of a dark citadel hidden deep within the blinding sands of the desert. Approach it at your own risk.

Level Range: 41-51

Builder: Copycat


Walking route from Aelmon: 16e, [e], 2e, n, 2e, 3s, 3e, 3n, 2w, 3n, w, n, e, n, e, 6n. e=e=e=e=e=e=e=e=e=e=e=e=e=e=e=e=e=e=e=n=e=e=s=s=s=e=e=e=n=n=n=w=w=n=n=n=w=n=e=n=e=n=n=n=n=n=n

Portaling point(s) suggested: Kzinti weaponsmith.


Wildwood to the south.



The main portion of this area is laid out in the shape of a traditional keep with a wall surrounding various inner rooms. To get into the main keep from the Wildwood the adventurer must traverse an 8 room maze in the desert. Once in the main keep you can climb to the walls to circle the keep or explore branches to the right or left. Directly ahead is the locked door to the inner sanctum guarded by assassins. Once inside the path again branches to the left and right or you may move straight ahead to climb to the upper level. Several rooms require keys from the various mobs.


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