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Lord Audis resides in his villa south of Midgaard. The current Lord Audis dislikes guests who harass his staff, and deals strictly with offenders. Well-mannered guests are always welcome to enjoy the comforts of his villa. He has earned the enmity of several pirate groups, many of which seek to remove the Audis family through any means necessary.

Level Range: 50-51

Builder: Vorak


Walking route from Aelmon: 20s, 4e.

Portaling point(s) suggested: Volari.




Some mobs are lawful. He's apparently a pretty big deal.

(When dropping into the area on the Sealed Letter Quest, be plenty forewarned that if Portho isn't where the directions suggest and doesn't show up with 'where portho'.. he's been offed and you might want to just come back later when he's respawned -- just staying out of the manor isn't enough to save you from being Outlaw'd if the overzealous guards catch you in a scuffle with the very-aggressive, detects-hidden detects-invis Assassin on the grounds...)


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