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Just westward from a small halfling village lies the quaint and friendly altar to the Sunling - a Sun God if you will, worshiped by the local halfling population. Presumably the protector and creator of the halfling race, the deity receives various offerings, mostly food from a wide palette of different sources - vegetables, meat, and an occasional well-seasoned half-orc.

A tourist to this remote location will find it interesting to observe the local rituals, as well as try the local cuisine, though the general trepidation surrounding the halflings indicates there is more than meets the eye going on around the altar. An occasional well-muffled scream may confirm this fear.

Level Range: 51-51

Builder: WinterRose


Walking route from Eragora default recall: 2s, d, 6e, 2s, 2e, 2s, e, 2s, 4e, 2s, 2e, d, 2e, 3s

Portaling point(s) suggested: Halfling salad-worker is the beginning of the area. Seneca Rotberry is another portal point deeper in the area.



The area is built in layers, with multiple vertical pathways connecting them. Top layer is mostly uncursed and recallable, and non-aggie (most of the time, see below). Lower levels are mostly cursed, but due to compactness of the zone every room is relatively close to a portalable point.


Aggressiveness and Dialogue[edit]

The difficulty of the area depends on your Eragoran allegiance, which can be pro-halfling, neutral or pro-half-orc.

  1. In first case the place is rather docile, with friendly banter and open to questing and exploration. (Be advised, the corrals will always be hostile to all)
  2. With neutral allegiance every layer is progressively more dangerous, starting from the top layer which presents no danger at all, and ending at the fourth layer which is teeming with aggressive monsters and halflings.
  3. Half-orc allegiance will turn virtually entire area hostile and will close all quest avenues.

When exploring this area, pay attention to the mobs - many halflings offer unique dialogue and are available for inquires, however some are easy to set off, especially if you have not proven yourself. Furthermore the banter and dialogue choices can change depending on your actions, so feel free to revisit the mobs after significant quest advances.

To speak to the halflings select the highlighted word when prompted with a menu. Only say the one word that is highlighted from an entry.


The sunling temple (northwest) on the top layer contains a monk cook, who carries assorted herbs and spices, a burning hands pill. This pill is very useful for bzks and characters who are otherwise unable to area spell.

The middle layers feature quests that reward in very powerful gear and insignia bonuses (and almost certain doom). See Seneca Rotberry, Ruddloaf Mortlock and Grogbert Thunderbeard for some of these quests.

Lowest level features the corrals which are intended for large casters to run, either solo or in groups, due to high numbers of non-wielding undead mobs. Due to same reason runs there can easily be tanked by a priest.

CR info[edit]

On your (eventual) death your corpse will be recovered. By halflings. To the acolyte laboratory. Now, the acolytes are only studying corpse reanimation and can't do it yet properly, so you better hurry and get it back before they mess your corpse up!

Your corpse is actually transferred to a safeish, non-aggie room, to help you recover it in case you died in a swarmy room. Dying to the hands of Ruddloaf Mortlock or Haark, will have unfortunate consequences for your corpse, as Ruddy is an animator, and Haark likes to eat corpses. Common sense advice would be - do not die to either. Ever.

Dying will take you to an antimagic local cloud, which is not should not be dark but has aggies roaming above it. With some examination of your surroundings you may escape using the same method halflings themselves access these corrals - without any danger to their well-being. (Just go e, u, w from local cloud through a secret and safe passage. No keys are required but the doors are lever-operated. Lever is at your feet. Just lift your leg.)


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