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The stars in the night sky wheel and turn about our world. Used by some to navigate, by others to mark the turning of the seasons, the stars and the constellations they form have long been studied by those who would gain an insight into the future.

It is said that tucked away between the worlds, in the space between now and then, is an academy of astrologers who use special methods to study the heavens in unusual and very personal ways. The astrologers are said to have accumulated the greatest store of lore on the stars known to Midgaardia to date, available to all those who care to spend the time to look.

Level Range: 45-50

Builder: Izanagi


Walking route from Aelmon: 17w, s, 5w, 3s, d, 2s, enter pile, 7u, n, enter void.

Portaling point(s) suggested: Goldmoon, 2s, enter pile, 7u, n, enter void.



The area opens with the single unconnected room - the Academy. quaffing from there leads to the wide-opened mesh that is the Zodiac. It's a rather small area but filled with mobs and interconnected well.

There is a path from the first room after the quaff to the queen up. Each of the up directions are blocked by a gate that requires you to pull a 'hidden knowledge'. You will need (in order) Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter knowledge. These can be found from the mobs at each of the principle ecliptic rooms.


If you are here for questing, spend time and read in the Academy about the celestial phenomena. These occur as mobs in the area proper, and knowing what one is supposed to encounter will help in determining what is the player missing and should probably spend time searching for.

The area proper is also loaded with lore, but this is not quest-related, only flavor. Tons of it though.

All the gear is spiritlinked and bound to the player, so it cannot be used on other alts. Gear is quite good and should help the slower races in reaching hero.


"Zodiac has been built based on the theme of the grandfathered area 'Galaxy'. It seeks to recapture some of the flavour of that area, while making something unique to AVATAR, use a theme which is more fitting, and at the same time enhance the lore of the world." -- Izanagi


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