Chronicler's Ring

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Modifies wisdom by 2 continuous.
Modifies mana by 30 continuous.

Slot: Finger
Base: 0 (type treasure)
Level: 24-26
Weight: 1
Mob: Chronicler
Location: Kingdom of the Willows (Map)

Mob is portable.
from Sol: 3e,2n,3e,5n,6e,3s,4e,8n,2d,3w,2s,2w,n,w,2n,2w (takes you to Spiriel Hall where the Chronicler wanders)
from Aelmon: 14n,4w,8n,2d,3w,2s,2w,n,w,2n,2w (same comment as above)
You can recognise the Chronicler as "(White Aura) A wise-looking High Elf admires the Hall".