Darii's Protection

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From the corner of your eye you see something glow here.

Modifies armor class by -80 continuous.
'protection evil'  continuous

Keyword(s): protection,glow,dariis
Level(s): 51
Type: Armor
Slot(s): <worn on body>.
Flag(s): glow, good, nolocate
Weight: 75 lbs
Quality: 200 hps


Embed the following:

  • 1 Perfect Diamond
  • 1 Perfect Ruby
  • 2 Perfect Emeralds

Embed these into a hero level cloak (needs to have keyword 'cloak').

Once successful cast manifest:

c manifest cloak "darii's Protection"

Copy and paste the command, and if you want to enter it manually, be sure to use double quotes.


As always, hero manifest items will have bases from B12 to B14, regardless of the original cloak's base.

See embed for more tips on how to safely use this skill.

The recipe for this item was released as part of the Filling My Belly quest which ran during the 20th Anniversary.