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Giant Statistics Tables
Lowmort-Tier Giant Statistics by Class
bzk, bod, pal,
asn, mag, mnd,
psi, sor, wzd
cle, dru, prs
arc, bci, fus,
mon, rog, shf
Str 18–25 (28) 17–22 (25) 17–22 (25) 17–22 (25) 17–22 (25)
Int 09–14 (17) 10–17 (20) 09–14 (17) 09–14 (17) 09–14 (17)
Wis 09–14 (17) 09–14 (17) 10–17 (20) 09–14 (17) 09–14 (17)
Dex 11–16 (19) 11–16 (19) 11–16 (19) 12–19 (22) 11–16 (19)
Con 17–22 (25) 17–22 (25) 17–22 (25) 17–22 (25) 18–25 (28)
Hero-Tier Giant Statistics by Class
bzk, bod, pal,
asn, mag, mnd,
psi, sor, wzd
cle, dru, prs
arc, bci, fus,
mon, rog, shf
Str 25–30 (33) 22–24 (27) 22–24 (27) 22–24 (27) 22–24 (27)
Int 14–16 (19) 17–22 (25) 14–16 (19) 14–16 (19) 14–16 (19)
Wis 14–16 (19) 14–16 (19) 17–22 (25) 14–16 (19) 14–16 (19)
Dex 16–18 (21) 16–18 (21) 16–18 (21) 19–24 (27) 16–18 (21)
Con 22–24 (27) 22–24 (27) 22–24 (27) 22–24 (27) 25–30 (33)
NOTES: numbers in each cell above are initial trained value – maximum trainable value (maximum allowable value for non-devotees); class prime requisites are green.

Giants appear like extremely overgrown humans, yet as their great strength is evident to the naked eye, so is their lack of wit and wisdom. They are Incredibly strong and hardy, more so than most any other race; yet are also probably the dumbest. They are usually shunned by other races, but many people prefer to follow a giant into combat. While excelling in combat, Giants almost never develop a very good capacity to use magic.

  • Abbreviation: Gia.

Diplomatic Corps[edit]

Giants may participate in the Diplomatic Corps every 10 levels at lowmort. All Giants should report to Nhug when they are ready to begin.


Giants get an enormous amount of HP, more than any other race, remort or creatable. This makes them absurdly big regardless of class. However, their dexterity (and thus dodging) is poor and they lack natural armor, so in combat they tend to lose the HP at a faster pace. Due to this flaw they make exceptional berserkers (berserkers are highly resistant to damage).

Giants also have a racial damage modifier and considerable strength, so they make excellent warriors and other brute classes.

Their powerswing ability makes them very proficient with two-handed weapons, allowing them to deal more damage than races without it - thus paladins are also a possible career (paladins use two-handed swords).

Giant stealth is bad, archery as well, and casting ability is poor.

Elemental Giants[edit]

The Elemental Giants are subgroups of the Giant race that have somehow been imbued with Elemental magic. This Elemental nature that permeates their being gives these Giants access to a variety of unique abilities. It also allows Elemental Giants to cast more spells before resting than ordinary Giants.

Despite their distinct nature, Elemental Giants share many similarities with their more common cousins. All Giants are massive creatures that are incredibly strong and extremely hardy. They all have a fondness of eating corpses and they all excel at using two-handed weapons.

Like ordinary Giants, Elemental Giants are, generally speaking, atrocious spell-casters. However, their Elemental nature allows them to fare better than normal with certain specific types of magic. This magical affinity means that Elemental Giants will have better success when casting certain types of spells, and they will expend less magical energy while doing so.

There is an important distinction between Elemental Giants and true Elementals. True Elementals are entirely composed of their corresponding element, be it Fire, Air, Earth, or Water. Elemental Giants remain beings of flesh and blood.

Giants are eligible to become Elemental Giants at Lord Level 25. The following races are available along with their corresponding element:

Fire Giants - Fire

Cloud Giants - Air

Stone Giants - Earth

Frost Giants - Water

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