Ironhand's Armor

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Armor emblazoned with an ancient logo sits here peacefully.

Weight 50, value 0, level 125.
Object Quality (500 / 500 hps)
Armor class is 32.
Modifies armor class by -130 continuous.
Modifies dexterity by 5 continuous.

Slot: On Body
Armor Class: 30-32
Weight: 50
Flags: glow good nolocate
Keywords: emblazoned armor ironhand lordgear

How To Make:

1. Get a Silver Chestplate from the Githyanki Leader. This can be a normal one or a silver chestplate modified by a Demonic Lapis Lazuli (though the additional affects do not carry over).

2. Embed the following perfect gems into it: 4 diamonds, 1 emerald, 1 amethyst

3. Manifest the item: c manifest chestplate "ironhand's Emblazoned Armor"