Jousting Champion Quest

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This minimalistic quest concerns locating the wondrous Carnival and the quest giver inside. The mob in question is Barker, but not Carnival Barker, which is another barker in the same area. Barker can be found near the south-western corner of the Carnival, and has a large sign next to him:

A friendly looking knight has been painted on the sign, proclaiming that you
must be UNDER LEVEL TEN to enter the Joust. 

The rules for the Joust are simple.
1. You pay 1 gold coin to the uniformed man in this room.
2. He ushers you into the next room where you will get detailed instructions.
3. Do not go against these rules and regulations. The instructor is a trained
professional and knows best. He will give you your jousting gear and help you
wear it. Do NOT remove it.
4. You will then be moved to the tilt yard where you will face a real knight.
Be patient and follow the rules and etiquette of this noble combat form.
5. Do not try to engage in combat before you are allowed to.
6. Enjoy yourself.

The reward for defeating your opponent is the gear you have been supplied with, as well as the Jousting Champion Insignia, an ever-lasting proof of your success.

If you fail - well, just try again!