Mistyblue's Boots Of Farstriding

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A pair of dark brown leather boots sit nearby.

Armor class is 3.
'sneak          ' continuous.
Modifies moves by 100 continuous.
Modifies dexterity by 2 continuous.

Keyword(s): boots farstriding mistyblue
Type: armor
Flag(s): hum, bless, nolocate
Slot(s): <worn on feet>
Weight: 3 lbs
Level(s): 15
Quality: 100 hps


This item is made by using Manifest. The recipe to this item is found in the Darklin Hole.

To find the full recipe, one must locate all the scraps of paper in the area. They are:

-a tattered piece of paper, in the small halfling skeleton found 2w, d, w, s after entering the hole
-a scrap of paper, in the dirt pile found d, 2e, s after entering the hole (requires the Metal Shovel to unlock)
-a tiny piece of paper, in the clenched hand found 2d after entering the hole
-a small strip of paper, held by the Darklin Guard found after drinking twice at the fountain 2w, d, 2w after entering the hole
-a shred of paper, held by the Darklin Ruler

Having all five pieces reveals (SPOILERS):

I have found it!  A wonderful magical secret recipe.  Yipee!  All I have to do now is find a  
jewelry store.  I know I can steal their gemstones when they're not looking!
First of all, you need a pair of boots.
Once you have found a suitable pair, it must have the correct
items embedded into it.  It is a combination of ...
0 perfect Amethysts
0 perfect Sapphires
0 perfect Diamonds
1 perfect Ruby
1 perfect Emerald
can be used to make the item Mistyblue's Boots of Farstriding.


Area: Darklin Hole (Map)