Once-Sundered Ring

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Intertwining bands of diamond and obsidian form a ring.

Modifies armor class by -40 continuous.
Modifies damage roll by 6 continuous.
Modifies hit roll by 6 continuous.
Modifies hp by 200 continuous.
Modifies mana by 200 continuous.

Keywords: bands diamond obsidian once-sundered ring
Flags: glow magic bless
Weight: 1
Plane: Thorngate
Area: Rietta's Wonders
Mob: Lost Spirit Of Pascilon (ticket quest)

To get this item you need to collect two pieces of gear from Noctopia. Both are called Half Of The Sundered Ring.

You give half of the Sundered Ring to Garrow.
Garrow takes your half of the Sundered Ring.
Garrow nods appreciatively, "This is some special stuff right here.
I can fix it, but, if this is what I think it is, you're gonna need
something extra. Some way to infuse it with holy power like it
used to have, maybe sacrifice some similarly divine artifact."

"Or I could be wrong and it could just be another ring. If so...
well, I know a fence, maybe..." 
Garrow gives you the Once-Sundered Ring!
You give the Once-Sundered Ring to The lost spirit of Pascilon.
The lost spirit of Pascilon takes your the Girth of the Most Holy.
Pascilon smiles, and seems to glow even brighter; "I never thought I'd see
this ring again. It will never be quite what it was, of course, but I
believe I can use the Holy Power of this girth to restore some of its former
glory. Wear it with pride, friend."
The lost spirit of Pascilon gives you the Once-Sundered Ring!

Note that the ring is bound to the person who Pascilon gives it to.