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Ulrich waits patiently for you to browse his wares.

Keywords: Ulrich.
Level: 95.
Alignment: apathetic.
Flags: steadfast, mage.
Affects: sanctuary.


Ulrich is using:
Ulrich is carrying:                                                                  [Lv Price]
     a great hammer                                                                  [10    66]
     a javelin                                                                       [52  4004]
     a padded jerkin                                                                 [ 6    20]
     a cuirbouilli vest                                                              [ 7    20]
     a two-handed flail                                                              [11    36]
     a military hammer                                                               [14   162]
     a long spear                                                                    [ 7    36]
     a hand axe                                                                      [10    40]
     a string of wurst                                                               [ 0    18]
     (Glowing) a copper lamp                                                         [ 0    22]


Ulrich is a big nasty mob in Hamlet of Kreigstadt.

Ulrich is a popular shopkeeper for heroes because he can buy all sorts of gear, unlike the armourer or weaponsmith of Midgaard, who both specialize in a certain type of equipment.

Ulrich is portable and not aggie. Because of this, he serves as a useful portal point to many areas connected to Wildwood, such as Githzerai Tower and Cavern of the Fates.

Because of his level, and the fact that he uses spells midround, he is a popular practice mob for heroes who aspire to kill the Ultimate Dragon. However, despite Ulrich's size, he is not quite as big as the UD. Update: The UD is actually level 88 or so, so Ulrich is bigger. What makes the UD harder, besides the unavailability of the surge skill and having to self-spell prior to the fight, is his racial armorancient, racial tail, and breath attacks (which occur more frequently than Ulrich's mage-type spellcasting).

Heroes often intentionally die to Ulrich. Sometimes this is done to clear spells, so the rest of their group don't have to wait for them to tick off. Sorcerers who make use of Tainted Genius also used to intentionally kill themselves as this used to clear the spell exhaust (note that it no longer does). Ulrich is a good mob to die to because 1) he's huge, 2) he's in an uncursed room, and 3) he's not aggie, and so, he won't kill you again.

Because heroes love fighting Ulrich so much, and because of the fact that he uses area spells, it is not a good idea to sleep in his room. If you're sleeping there and someone starts a fight with him you may find yourself on the cloud before you know it.


Area: Hamlet of Kreigstadt (Map).
Room: Ulrich's Useful Utensils (portable).

Walking route from Aelmon: 16e, [e], 2e, n, 2e, 3s, 3e, 3n, 2w, 3n, w, n, e, n, e, 3n, w, 6s, e, [s].

Ulrich is portable.