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Reports have come in from the wildwood about a strange citadel on a cliff, and the unliving servants that keep it running. Some rumours say that odd students study the teachings of a cult there, seeking to perfect some new arcane craft. Other, wilder stories suggest that all is not as it seems, and that some people have started to... disappear. It seems one would have to be foolish, or nigh heroic, to seek the truth of the matter.

Level Range: 45-51

Builder: Oltor


Walking route from Aelmon: 16e,[e],2e,n,2e,3s,4e,2s,2e,2s
Portaling point(s) suggested: Vymm.


The area is located off of the Wildwood in the southeast corner.


The main ground level of the area is a courtyard laid out generally in an "L" shape, with the main entrance along the side of the "L". The more interesting parts of the area are above and below ground. The area below is pretty much a straight east to west line with a few ups and down and rooms off the main path. There is a tower to the northwest and a tower to the east. A shack in the north is where a bunch of in-repair constructs are. There are two entrances to underground, in the southeast and southwest ends of the "L".


This area can be good for high low mort groups or low hero group runs. The more numerous mobs in the court yard area, various kinds of homunculus, provide plenty of easy to reach experience, but care must be taken to watch out for hero level mobs. The servitors, lower level students and more advanced initiates provide experience for stronger groups or low level heroes. The lower level mobs (students and constructs) may flee.

The are a few higher level mobs with gear, but they are spread out and do not generally make for an upper level experience run, although they can provide good sources of solo experience. There are several quests in the area that involve the higher level mobs. Not until later in the quests do the mobs get aggie. The masters are higher levels and may cast. There is a variety of usable mana, stat gear and affects gear here, but nothing top tier. There is even a sanctuary staff for evil types here.


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