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First make your way to Nothing. You can do this from Water (2n e u), Stone (n 4w), or Air (3e). See Nothing for more information about that area. Nothing is a big det maze whose exits change every repop.("oh goodie").

From Nothing the entrance to When Elements Align is an up exit. Have an archer scout up as you move about to find "golems, gnomes, rocks of some sort". It doesn't have to be a golem, it can be a lump of clay, It can also be an animated rock, or a gnome of some sort. Basically if you see anything that isn't a nihilistic cultist that's where you want to go.

Enter that room to enter the quest area. The first room of the area is Lloydable so feel free to use Planar Anchor, Safe Haven, or Create Shrine if it tickles your fancy.

This is a quest area there are 5 tokens you need to get to make the "button", which gives you access to the gear room. From the Lloydable room head east to enter the main part of the area.

  • The Electrical Essence is up in the tower in the northwest corner of the area, near the various "wall" mobs. It's on a mob called Ball Lightning, who wanders around a little bit. Note that there are two Ball Lightnings, the one with the ticket shows up on scan as "smells of ozone".
  • The Tool Belt is on a fire elemental, who's located "In The Forge", in the southwest corner of the area. Note that there's two fire elementals down there, and only one of them has the Tool Belt.
  • The Lump Of Mud (Humming) is in a maze down from the northeast corner. After you go down the directions to get through the maze are dneuen. The Lump Of Mud (Humming) is on a Water Elemental. Don't let your groupies trick you into thinking the glowing mud is what you want. Make sure you get some mud that hums.
  • The Heart Shaped Crystal and the Tome Of Golem Lore are on a Gnome Apprentice who's pretty much due east from the entrance to the area. His description on scan is "a middle aged gnome is hiding a book behind his back". He's pretty big, and he has a friend, so make sure you're prepared for the room before going in.

Rock golems will stomp (e.g. psi weapons).

Once you have all the tickets go to Zhene, who's in the southeast corner of the area. He shows up on scan as "A wizened gnome looks about fretfully". You might want to regen/respell/make chain in the room north of him, because his room is noregen. That's also where you should set up camp if you're staying for more than one pop. Zhene is good exp, but tell your groupies not to attack him, because he's the guy who makes the button for you. If they don't listen you can calm or awe him. Once you've got all five tickets in your inventory type "give essence zhene" and you should see something like this:

Haavok gives Electrical essence to The golem master.
The golem master takes Haavok's a lump of mud. 
The golem master takes Haavok's a tool belt.
The golem master takes Haavok's a tome of golem lore.
The golem master takes Haavok's a heart shaped crystal.
Zhene starts chanting some passage from the large stone tome.  As
he chants he merges the electrical essence into the heart.  A faint glow
pulses deep in its depths.  He then smears one side of the crystal with
the mud and pushes the object pass the shimmering ward where he places
it on the chest of the form inside the forge.
     The chanting intensifies as Zhene starts throwing seemingly random
objects past the wards into the forge.  His tool belt is one of the
first objects to go, followed soon after by his shoes and socks.  Finally
the chanting comes to a crescendo and Zhene tosses the tome past the
     "Now you just have to push that little button there to fire the
forge and our task will be complete." he says to you as he rests his
weary form up against a work bench.

The golem master has dropped a large switch on the ground!

After that you can push the switch to open the door to the south, where the gear mobs are.

Currently the gear mobs aren't too tough, but that might change in the future. Here's some example damage, but notice that the Adamantite Golem isn't present, and he's the buffest. Note that the "you" is Melanarchy

Steel bits's attacks strike Nayru 7 times, with obliterating intensity!
Turning aside Mithril bits's attack, you counter-strike!
You hit Mithril bits with DEVASTATING intensity!
Mithril bits's attacks strike you 8 times, with ***OBLITERATING*** intensity!
Adamantine bits's attacks strike Brann 8 times, with **OBLITERATING** rage!
Gold bits's attacks strike AlexyAnna 4 times, with *MANGLING* passion!

The Adamantine Gauntlets and the Empty Adamantine Shell are reboot only.
the Mithril Crusted Tool Belt and Metal Dusted Socks are not.

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