Pair Of Onyx Knuckles

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These onyx knuckles are covered in odd runes.

Armor class is 9-10.
Modifies mana by 15 continuous.
Modifies dexterity by 1 continuous.

Keyword(s): rune knuckle pair stone
Type: armor
Flag(s): dark magic anti-evil
Weight: 3 lbs
Level(s): 40-44



Area: Secrets Of The Shrine (Map)
Mob(s): Veldri Rogue

Portaling point suggested: drow spectre, s, 3w, 2n, 2w, 3n, w, d, 3e, w, n (s3w2n2w3nwd3ewn). Mob is invis/hidden and aggies. Area is cursed - be careful.

This area is linked via Ruins of Reveria.