Standard Of BEH

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A tall standard with a golden flag and three red letters BEH waves proudly.

Armor class is 12-14.
Modifies armor class by -22 continuous
Modifies hp by 25 continuous

When held:

You bear the mark of a true hero as you raise the banner of the Brotherhood of Eternal Heroes.
Great names like Akeris, Balthazar, Beauford, Rackhir, Waylander also bore it with pride.

Keyword(s): standard, beh
Level(s): 51
Type: Armor
Slot(s): <held>.
Flag(s): glow, nolocate
Weight: 1 lbs
Quality: 200 hps


The manifest holder is an item with a keyword banner, that also needs to have armor class, thus technically fall into the category of Armor. Do not use one from Deepways (treasure) not one on the guards in Midgaard (light). An appropriate banner can be found on Eragora in the area of Sphynx Gate, although hidden well.

By comparison, LeMans Family Seal is -10, so this item would be LeMans -12, with the added hp bonus, and possibility of even more AC since the base for hero manifest items goes up to 14.

Warning: "The Standard of [BEH]" is the item name, not the manifest name used with c manifest "item".

<spoiler text="click here for spoilers"> The recipe is 1 diamond, 1 amethyst, 2 ruby, 1 emerald. The manifest name is Beh's Standard.
c manifest banner "beh's standard" </spoiler>

Recipe can be found on the continent of Eragora. Process of locating it's parts is a rather difficult exercise - 5 pieces are scattered across 5 of the Eragoran areas. For those interested, they tell a story of the Eragoran early pioneers.