Sleeves Of The Phoenix

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Twinkling stars make up Pyre's feathers, but as they wrap around each other in sleeves, they take on a rosey glow of their own.

Modifies mana by 20 continuous.
Armor class is 10-11.
It facilitates the archery skill fleeing shot.

Keyword(s): sleeves, phoenix, starlight, shimmer.
Level(s): 47-49.
Type: Armor.
Slot(s): <worn on the arms>.
Quality: 100 hps.
Weight: 1 lbs.
Flag(s): glow, dark, magic, inventory, spiritlink.


It will be bound to the player who killed the mob.


Area: Zodiac (Map).
Mob(s): Pyre

See individual mob pages linked above for more information.

Portaling point suggested: None.